Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh My God!

I just can't believe its been exact 5 years on this day that I wrote my first "blog".
How time flies!
At that time I was still a student of surgery, in my final year..approaching the conclusion of my exams just round the corner in Dec...and there I was, started to blog on the internet instead of slogging the huge text books of surgery...guess that's what keeps my brain ticking...doing things completely different than what's that its all fresh n charged up for THE thing!.. hmm anyway...i was so pleasantly surprised when my Google profile page gave me a link to this blog...i remember at that time it was with hotmail & MSN...but obviously Google have taken over...and am I glad!
Well...this has opened up a new avenue for me...since the time I've been UK & after getting reasonably settling down here...I've been wanting to write....on so many different hands have been itching to write for a long time now! what better way than to blog away
so here I go out for this space....lotsa blogs comin up...hopefully I can manage to pick all ur brains with my thoughts!......


Friday, November 11, 2005

At Last!!!

Here I go at first post to be a novice here....believe me weilding a scalpel is much easier and my way of doing things than typin here...esp when it sometimes takes quite a bit of time just to find 'x' on this
But I have been told that this is really a good way of letting out or to put it in better words...sharing ur thoughts with others on this vast expanse of world wide web. And my uncle insited on me doin it, coz he says I write good...I donno...but I have always been fond of writing...rather than speaking (which is the lastest thing I would do being a typical Piscean...ooops!) or reading....although the select few readings I have done, influenced me it the good ol' Robert Ludlum or the exquisitely written medical text books (in fact, my dad owes his terrific command over the English language to his medical text books!)
So here I go.."Blogging"..I have termed it a Surgeon's Blog...coz in the very near future this blog is gonna be written by a prospective, aspiring surgeon!!! So watch!